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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

GU Magazine

The fall semester started yesterday, but I am on sabbatical.  Even so, I have already had one meeting on campus.  I guess that is what happens when one doesn't go far away for sabbatical.  I am heading out of town for a chunk pretty soon, though.

But, what I want to share today, is the article in the Fall issue of GU Magazine on my ethics of eating class.  I was really excited to be asked to be interviewed for it and it was fun doing it, having the photographer into class (yes, that is actually a picture of the pizza we made before it went into the oven).  It's good to be recognized for interesting work and good to share it with our whole university community.

This marks the second time in six years I have featured in the GU Magazine--I guess I must be doing something right!

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