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Monday, August 1, 2011

Philly Cheese What?

What's the best part of a Philly Cheese Steak?  For some it is probably the steak, for others that drippy cheese, but for me, it is the grilled veggies.  Love those grilled green peppers, onions and I add mushrooms.

I have been eating rice salad leftovers from a dinner party since the dinner party.  And I just couldn't eat it again for lunch today.  So I grilled up some veggies on my new electric indoor grill, split a roll, and broiled some cheese over those veggies.  Yum.

The onion and green pepper were organic from the farmers market -- who cares if the green peppers were a little small?  Perfect for the grill!  And the mushrooms were organic (from the co-op) and the single leftover skewer from that dinner party (it didn't fit on the grill for the party, so I just threw it back in the fridge).

It's getting to be the hot summer we usually get in Spokane, the farmers are getting in what they can at this late part of the season, and I am not wanting to spend all day in my hot kitchen, so the indoor grill and taking advantage of whatever I get at the farmers market is great.  Having a few go-to recipes that aren't salads of any kind but are seasonally friendly (both in ingredients and in low use of the oven) are key.

So consider the Philly Cheese sandwich--no steak--vegetarian friendly and the tastiest, healthiest parts of this normally greasy classic American sandwich.  Another version of taking what we know and love and making it more ethical.  I never even miss the steak!  (I'll save my meat cravings for grass-fed, local meat when the meat is really the star!)

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